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About Us

Therapy Pals

We are everyday folks that love animals and people. We abhor the thought of pets being abandoned. We watch the opioid epidemic with alarm. We are a resource. We are a conduit. We are a support system. We are a technology company. We are old-fashioned. We are a connection. We want to make the world a better place than it was the prior day. We are passionate. We are Therapy Pals.

The Process

3 easy steps

Step 1

Take the free online survey to see if you may qualify for an ESA

Step 2

The doctor will review your results and you may be contacted for more information. If approved continue on to purchase the package of your choice.

Step 3

You will receive confirmation within 24 hours and be on your way with an ESA!

Priority Evaluation and Express Shipping

We offer priority evaluations for individuals in an emergency. With a valid explanation, individuals can request faster evaluations and express shipping. Expected turn-around time for evaluation completion is estimated to be 12 hours. You will receive your letter as soon as 3 business days.

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Well, the old adage, "A Dog is Man's Best Friend" holds as true today as the past 15,000 years. With the



Search for Emotional Support Animal on Google and the top (usually paid ads) results will invariably be a company promoting themselves